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Mark C.
Verified Purchase

Replaces ice in my bong and and is actually colder than ice. Perfect addition to my glassware. Works flawlessly fits everything, Can even be attached to joints to cool smoke on the inhale! I love it.

Sam W.
Verified Purchase

Way better than ICE!! I really enjoy the cooling sensation from the ChillHit, I use it with all my pieces and hands down its way better than putting ice in your bong!

Daniel C.
Verified Purchase

Hits Nice! Definitely a way better alternative to ice!!! Thanks for thinking up this great invention!

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We’re a team of entrepreneurs, explorers, and scientists who met as college friends in San Diego, CA and bonded over the goal of creating new and exciting products in the smoking industry. We stand for the application of science and technical innovation to revolutionize the recreational use culture. Our ideas almost always arise by the observation of shortcomings in the average smoking experience. We dream that it is possible to optimize everyday gadgets that smokers use to unlock their greatest functional potential. We strive on being fresh & modern yet vibrant and energetic as we continue to grow our product line. 

We define the new era of users as productive, creative, and active- effectively breaking the stereotype of the “lazy smoker” that damages our community. We recognize the herb’s healing and unifying power, and want to be a creative leading force in the coming revolution. Our products are a reflection of the ingenuity that the herb contributes to our lives. It has been the most rewarding experience to grow in a space shared by such kindhearted and good people. We aim to make ChillHit Labs a household name in the community that benefits from our products.

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